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Is global warming fact or fiction?

Ice age From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to navigationJump to search This article is about a generic geological period of temperature reduction. For the most recent glacial period commonly referred to as the Ice Age, see Last glacial period … Continue reading

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Bullying others into conformity.

I cannot stand bullies. Those cowardly sorts that use position, status, or brute strength to force their will on others. It always has and continues to make me fighting mad to see people bullied. Kevin Hart has stepped down from … Continue reading

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If the world was created for me…

If all of the world did things just the way I like things to be done… I would never have to wait in line. Traffic lights would always be in my favor. The store clerk would be sincere when they say have … Continue reading

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It’s okay to say Happy Holidays

My wife and I were out shopping recently when a cheerful cashier said “Happy Holidays” and I replied “you as well”. I do not know if the cashier is a Christian or otherwise but her cheerful disposition is infectious. That encounter … Continue reading

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Genesis 3

The Bible study series uses unedited video. I will continue to improve the video quality but please don’t expect professional presentations on this site. Hey I’m doing good just to figure out how to post these videos!   Genesis 3 … Continue reading

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This is the audio from a sermon preached at Amazing Grace Church in Charles City, Iowa on November 11, 2018. REPENT 5 steps of repentance found in Psalm 32 Repentance requires honesty about sin. Recognize the damage of sin and guilt. … Continue reading

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The immigrant caravan and Christians

I hope that many of them have a faith in Christ Jesus. If so, the Jesus is walking with them. I do not believe Jesus would be physically walking with them for the purpose of breaking human laws by entering a country illegally. Continue reading

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Thank you- A look at Philippians

Thank you… Two words that can convey a huge message. Continue reading

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Thoughts about Halloween

For a child make-believe is serious business. Let’s find a way to teach them how they can have fun and be creative without adding the controversy of religious preference. Continue reading

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Exposed to the light

There is a long way to go on this bathroom project. Kind of like my life. Still a work in progress, but changes for the better have been made and more are on the way. Continue reading

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