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I currently live in Iowa, USA. My goals are to simply live life as a journey and embrace each day. I am married to a wife with similar passions and that makes me a blessed man.

At a loss for a blog to write.

It’s been longer than usual between posts. My attention has been on compiling a book that I started a couple of years ago. The title is ‘Thinking About Beans May Cause Brain Farts (and other absurdities)’. Long title for a … Continue reading

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Can you help me?

I have decided to try a new endeavor of writing a book. Most likely it will be a quote a day type of book that features what some call Burtisms or as I call them Burt’s proverbs. For instance It’s … Continue reading

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1810 Emerson House (a review)

1810 Emerson House is owned and operated by Beth and Tony Bonasera of Beloit, Wisconsin. Beth is a quiet, petite, caring lady that truly thinks about the well-being of others. Tony is an extrovert with a huge heart, Sicilian heritage, a cheerful smile, and a love for cooking. Together this married team live out their gift of hospitality whole heartedly. After a stay at their bed and breakfast it is easy to leave feeling like you made new friends. Continue reading

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The Lord versus Baal

This is the Audio of a sermon preached at Vining Christian Fellowship on January 27, 2019. This sermon is from 1 Kings 18:20-46. Rev. Burt Schwab

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A place set apart

Now that the walls have been patched, a fresh coat of paint, and a ceiling fan this room is my personal space. I’ll get around to hanging wall art and decorating as time goes on. Some day this room will mean something else to someone else but until then… Continue reading

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Be prepared for up to 12 hours in a stranded vehicle
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I was planning to write a review on this wonderful bed and breakfast we stayed at but got sidetracked with an improvement project. As you can see from the photo my office is being repainted. Technically I repainted the office … Continue reading

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Living life as a countdown

We could all learn to enjoy scheduled downtime more fully if we learn to live in the moment. Continue reading

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Do Americans need a “higher education”?

Do Americans need a “higher education” meaning a college degree? The simple answer is no. There are plenty of well-paying jobs in trades and manufacturing that do not require a college degree. However, there is a shortage of workers with … Continue reading

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Here’s to a new year

2018 has been a difficult year. Maybe the hardest year of my life. In 49 years of life I have lost loved ones, been homeless, lost jobs unfairly, and had trusted friends turn on me.  Divorced my first wife because of … Continue reading

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