Rev. Burt Schwab

I am consistently amazed at the human thought process. With any given data people will form a conclusion that seems logical to them. This is normal and usually healthy. When a person has formed a strong enough opinion on a given subject that person will view their belief as fact. In an age of instant access to so much information it has become increasingly difficult to know what is presented as truth and what is opinion. It is not my desire to present any written material as the best or only source of information rather as a perspective of various subjects. The source I choose as truth is the Holy Bible also known as Scripture. I make no apologies for whatever conclusion an individual makes from what is presented as a perspective, nor am I easily offended by a differing view. It is my desire that all readers of the posts to follow find something worth pondering about the subjects presented.

Rev. Burt Schwab

2 Responses to Rev. Burt Schwab

  1. Marcia Payne says:

    Burt, wow! So much I didn’t know about what’s been going on in your life! Come on, now, tell us where you have moved to! Joe & I moved to South Carolina 2-1/2 years ago. The norm is for young men to be polite, remove their hats, help others…the South, definitely different, and better in many ways. Thanks for sharing your story–now where are you, Jelly Bean Man?!! 🙂

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    • burtschwab says:

      We have moved to Iowa. It will be another month before we will be there permanently. Can you believe there are people there that have not heard of “jelly bean blues”! 😊


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