Workday ramblings

It’s Monday….IMG_2815

I worked all day. Can’t get a shower just yet because new carpet is being installed upstairs. Got a brain full of randomness to share with anyone who will read this post.

First of all the Democrats should support Bernie Sanders as candidate for President. Not because he is the best qualified but because watching debates between  Don and Bernie would be absolutely epic! I wouldn’t miss a single one!

Second, I am losing track of what is supposed to wipe out all humanity. I thought it was supposed to be climate change. When was it decided that we would all be killed by a virus instead? Who makes these decisions and why was I not informed ahead of time? I already have a zombie apocalypse kit, an inflatable raft for when the polar caps melt, and now I need thirty cases of Lysol and surgical masks. I’m going broke trying to stay ahead of all the bad mojo going around!

Third, what is the deal with still having Daylight savings time? It’s coming back around on March 8. The farmers sure don’t need it. Their equipment looks like a UFO with all the lights and blinky things on it! I say we all revolt and refuse to change our clocks. What could the government possibly do about that? Come to think of it that’s not a bad idea… Oh forget it, some of you need the time change so your car clock will be right again.

Here’s to another workday done. Don’t worry folks by Wednesday the coffee overload from Monday morning will wear off and I’ll be back to a normal state of mind. Or maybe this is my normal state of mind….


Rev. Burt Schwab


About burtschwab

I currently live in Iowa, USA. My goals are to simply live life as a journey and embrace each day. I am married to a wife with similar passions and that makes me a blessed man.
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2 Responses to Workday ramblings

  1. Anonymous says:

    The picture says it all. Lol
    Kent and I enjoyed your random thoughts especially the one about Bernie and Donald.. what a show that would be.

    Liked by 1 person

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