Living life as a countdown

Have you noticed how many of us live life from one countdown to the next? Wake up and the countdown begins till it’s time to leave for work or school. At the job or class the countdown continues to the next break or day end. Then the countdown to bedtime and often that means setting an alarm… countdown to next day.

It doesn’t end there either. Always looking ahead to the next deadline, weekend, vacation, etc.

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In some ways our very survival as a species depends on us getting things done in the right time and season. However, most everything we fill our lives with have little to do with survival. It is hard to enjoy life because of the constant pressure of the next event.

What if we learned to live right in the moment we are in? Have a book handy in case you are delayed at an appointment such as a Doctor or Dentist. Use commute time to listen to an audio book, pray, meditate on scripture, or just enjoy the travel. At work or school use those few minutes before break to be productive. Creatively use the moments normally wasted and instead do something meaningful.

We could all learn to enjoy scheduled downtime more fully if we learn to live in the moment. Vacations wouldn’t end so quickly in our minds. Life would be more fully lived.

Rev. Burt Schwab


About burtschwab

I currently live in Iowa, USA. My goals are to simply live life as a journey and embrace each day. I am married to a wife with similar passions and that makes me a blessed man.
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