Stuck in the middle.

Have you considered the people who are in your daily life and the influence they have on your behavior? Lately I’ve given a considerable amount of thought to the people in my life. To be clear I am one of those guys people either like or hate, that’s just the way it is. In the work place most people respect me. For the most part the people I work with do not have a faith in God. That is a distinct difference and because of that it is rare to be social outside of work. Not because I somehow feel superior or uncomfortable around my fellow workers but rather because our interests are different. On the flip side one might think that people like me would have many Christian friends. Oddly enough that is not the case. I have many great Christian friends scattered across the globe but few in close proximity. It is rare that a local Christian friend calls to just chat. Although I attend a larger than average church there are only a few that reach out socially beyond a church function. Without a doubt some who read this opening paragraph may try to contact me out of guilt. It is not my intent to seek pity just share insight.

A disturbing reality that is observable in daily life is the falseness of people. It is understandable when a non-believer acts differently around a known follower of Christ. Most unbelievers I associate with show me respect by using cleaner language or resisting the urge to share the details of their latest sexual experience. Some even call me when they have a personal crisis. But there are those that go to church every time the doors are open to be seen by others as spiritual. You know the type. If the Pastor is present so are they. It is most common for this type to live in a state of constant drama and spew it on social media. Using Christian memes in one post and dramatize a situation in the next with statements like “I’m under spiritual attack by….”. People like that annoy me.

Another type of person is the ones who hide their faith. They are sincere worshippers that desire to do the will of God but something holds them back. This person is viewed as a nice guy or a pleasant woman. These are the ones watching the world go by and maybe even praying for change. This type of person is often viewed as disinterested in church matters. The danger is they can become lukewarm in their faith. My heart is burdened for these Christians.

Another type of person seeks the will of God and engages in spiritual warfare. Without exception this person is often wounded and struggling. The moment this person fails to speak in love they are criticized by both the church people and the worldly. The daily struggle is to die to sin. It is a battle fought prayerfully and emotionally. This person is not accepted by the world or the churchly population. This person is stuck in the middle and looking forward to a glorious eternity.

Using logic to think things through it seems that if a person was to hide their faith the worldly would accept them readily but the churchly people would ignore them. If a person acts churchy and vies for self-glorification to appease the Pastor the true Christian will avoid them. If the true Christian lives life actively seeking to please God they become stuck in the middle between the desires of the flesh and the will of the Father.

I chose to not use scripture refernce in this post. Those who know the Bible can readily see the spiritual truths stated here. Those who don’t accept God’s word will not care.

Rev. Burt Schwab

About burtschwab

I currently live in Iowa, USA. My goals are to simply live life as a journey and embrace each day. I am married to a wife with similar passions and that makes me a blessed man.
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