Stop playing church!

As a young boy in Elkhart, Ks. I received a call on my life to be a pastor. Filled with great passion I set up a cardboard box in the front yard, put my Bible on it, and preached whatever sermon I heard on Sunday. To the rest of the world it appeared I was playing church but it was serious business to me. That short-lived church did not see great multitudes of lives changed but my passion never faded. Throughout the years that boldness and passion has at times been used in a destructive manner but it never faded. I only set up church in the yard a handful of times and yet, without a doubt in my mind, there are many adults still playing church. Putting Christian memes on Facebook and an hour later taking selfies at a bar only proves my point. In great frustration of recent events I posted the following on social media.

So let me get this straight. I am to accept any behavior that is contrary to sound Bible theology in order to be relevant to the majority. This includes not challenging church attenders and accept any sinful lifestyle by “believers” in order to be loving.
The atheists believe all this too but they make no pretense!
Laws and social agenda is not the answer folks!
Turning an egotistical blind eye to truth does not stop negative outcome of choices!
I challenge you to go to church to grow as a Christian or get out of the way of those who are done playing church!

I was talking to a minister friend the other day at his office. On the whiteboard by his desk was four questions. The words were so profound that I asked to copy them. He said “sure you can, but I didn’t write them.” He told me how he encountered them in some notes in a Bible he has been reading. Here are the four questions:

If everyone gave as you gave what would this church do?

If everyone prayed as you pray would God’s kingdom be blessed?

If everyone attended as you attend would we grow spiritually?

If everyone served like you serve what would the church be like?

These questions could be asked by anyone of themselves in any church in any place. We are in a time of great need for real Christians being honest with themselves. Within many churches are people who have placed themselves in a position of authority and will not take responsibility. It is clear that we have embraced the notion that humans are the ultimate authority and not a supreme being. Just look around at what is being asked for. There is a great outcry for more laws to combat social injustice. The dependency on government subsidies is epidemic. The idea that choosing a President among ungodly, unethical, self-serving politicians will somehow bring about peace and order is evidence that God has been replaced by government. We have lost vision of what God has set up for His kingdom on earth and that is the local church! One last question I would ask is, are you playing church?

The world is full of broken and hurting people. This includes those of us who are believers in Christ. Scripture is clear that we will have trouble in this life. Trouble will come with or without faith in God. The difference is with God we have the hope of an eternal life. If this message is expressing what you feel and believe please share it with others.

About burtschwab

I currently live in Iowa, USA. My goals are to simply live life as a journey and embrace each day. I am married to a wife with similar passions and that makes me a blessed man.
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