A little more like me

Kenny Rogers released the song ‘A little more like me’ (the crucifixion song)  in 1979 on ‘The Gambler’ album.

It was an April night and I felt right
Went out on the town
The show was at the Palace
So we all went on down.

We all had a ball as I recall
But now it seems absurd
As the madness raged upon the stage
He didn’t say a word.

He was a little weird and we all feared
He wasn’t one of us
He didn’t drink, he didn’t smoke
And he didn’t even cuss.

You’d see him now and then
With a bunch of men hanging ’round the sea
And I’m sure I would have liked him more
If he were a little more like me.

It was a Springy day
The clouds were gray
Look like it might rain
We thought about the night before
I was so ashamed.

When I heard what they had done to him
Stranger I hadn’t known
But as drunk as we all got last night
It’s a wonder we got home.

He was a little weird and we all feared
He wasn’t one of us
He didn’t drink, he didn’t smoke
And he didn’t even cuss.

To contemplate the events of the night Jesus was betrayed and crucified can invoke a mix of emotions. It seems unthinkable that a crowd of people would stand around and allow such a public display of brutality. This during a time of festival and celebration. It is difficult to comprehend how Jesus own followers would run away scared.  How could the man who felt as if he were Jesus best friend deny him to a slave girl?

Unwrapping all this is beyond the scope of a single blog. If we were living in the time and culture of Jesus time on earth we would have reacted the same as the crowd did. Either we would show indifference or religious hostility. It is probable that some would be too focused on the celebration and festivities to give thought to what is happening around them.

For a moment put yourself in the position of Christ’s disciples. If today you call yourself a follower of Jesus  and you find yourself surrounded by people hostile toward Christianity how do you react? What if you found yourself surrounded by IS militants? Peter and the other disciples were surrounded by violent people looking to kill Jesus and his following. All this occurred prior to Jesus resurrection.

If Christ chose to respond as an ordinary human we would have no hope. Are you looking for a Jesus that is a little more like yourself? The right question is how can I be a little more like Jesus?

Rev. Burt Schwab

About burtschwab

I currently live in Iowa, USA. My goals are to simply live life as a journey and embrace each day. I am married to a wife with similar passions and that makes me a blessed man.
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