A place set apart

my office 2019

Have you got a place set apart for yourself? A place to study, pray, think, or write down thoughts? For many people the idea of solitude is both a desire and strange at the same time. We have trained ourselves to always be surrounded by people either physically or through media. It is exhausting mentally, spiritually, and physically to not have personal time.

Jesus often separated himself physically to connect with the Father. It wasn’t a place difficult to get to or deep inside a cave, rather, it was where he could be comfortable. That’s the kind of place my office is for me. I have my books, computer, memorabilia, a really cool ceiling fan, and solitude. There is no door to my office so I’m not really hiding. I can hear the outside world but here is a safe place to process my thoughts.

Now that the walls have been patched, a fresh coat of paint, and a ceiling fan this room is my personal space. I’ll get around to hanging wall art and decorating as time goes on. Some day this room will mean something else to someone else but until then…


Rev. Burt Schwab

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The long-standing Boy Scout motto is “be prepared”. Some of us live that motto both spiritually and physically. However, there are many who do not prepare for the most expected of events. For instance a snow storm that has been predicted for days. That happened recently in Iowa where I live. The day of the storm several people at work were distracted by the storm. At break times some people were complaining about the after work commute and how dangerous it would be.

I found out that none of the employees in my work area had an emergency plan if their vehicle got stranded on the road. The next morning I wrote a basic cold weather survival kit list. I’ll share that with you here. You may have items to add based on your experience, climate, and comfort level.


Be prepared for up to 12 hours in a stranded vehicle

Renew all items in survival kit annually.

  1. Mylar emergency blanket. Amazon sells a package of 10 for $9. (Need 1 per person)
  2. Disposable hand warmers. (1 set per person)
  3. Bottled water. (Minimum 1 per person)
  4. Toilet paper (The call of nature never waits for convenience.)
  5. Plastic shopping bags (2 per person. Place between socks and shoes if walking becomes a necessity.)
  6. Hard candies. (Quick energy)
  7. Whistle.
  8. At least 1 reflective vest.
  9. Spare socks.
  10. Warm clothes. (At least a coat.)
  11. Cell phone charger.
  12. Note pad.
  13. Mechanical pencil. (Ink does not write when it’s cold)
  14. Puzzle book or reading material. (Helps pass the time)

Most of the items can be stored in plastic bags under vehicle seat.

In the event of becoming stuck in a vehicle during a winter storm your best chances are to stay in the vehicle.

If you have cell service do the following;

  1. Call appropriate authorities for help.
  2. Post to social media your location and condition. Be sure to state that you may not reply immediately to preserve battery.
  3. If you accept a ride be sure to post that information. (I.E. police car, license plate of Good Samaritan, etc.)
  4. Be sure to mark yourself safe when you are.

Until help arrives run the engine only long enough to heat the interior back up and with windows open slightly. Do not walk from vehicle unless it is the last resort or you can clearly see the destination, such as an open business.

When you leave vehicle for any reason, such as help arrived, leave a note on dash with name, phone number, destination, and method of leaving.


Being prepared for an emergency brings peace of mind. By being prepared you can focus on tasks at hand. The same holds true for Spiritual preparedness. An eventual for all of us is a time to die. Being prepared for eternity brings peace of mind and spirit. It also allows you to focus on living in the now without worry of the future.


Rev. Burt Schwab




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I was planning to write a review on this wonderful bed and breakfast we stayed at but got sidetracked with an improvement project.


As you can see from the photo my office is being repainted. Technically I repainted the office already. However my desk is still under a plastic sheet and I am using the dining table to write this post.

This room really needed some upgrades since before we bought the house. However, painting is not my favorite thing to do. In fact it is one of my least favorite things to do. Okay, to be honest I hate painting. It’s messy and time-consuming, hard work. So there it is, the reason I have been struggling with a dark, poorly lit office for almost two years.

office paint 2

The next step is to install a really nice ceiling fan. Actually the fan was the catalyst for the office patch and paint work. The moment I saw that fan I wanted it in my office. Being too cheap to buy it for myself, my wife and daughter got me gift cards for half the price of the fan for a Christmas present.

When it is all done I will have a very nice office to work in. Just a few more days of improvements left on this project. Few people will ever know or see the improvements to my office but I will. It will be a true pleasure to have a space that is tailored to me.

The difficult tasks in life aren’t as bad when you can see future possibilities. Sometimes to be better used by God we have to do some self improvements. Most of the work that goes into preparation to serve God in life will never be seen or appreciated by the outside world. At least you and God will know, that’s all that really matters.


Rev. Burt Schwab

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Living life as a countdown

Have you noticed how many of us live life from one countdown to the next? Wake up and the countdown begins till it’s time to leave for work or school. At the job or class the countdown continues to the next break or day end. Then the countdown to bedtime and often that means setting an alarm… countdown to next day.

It doesn’t end there either. Always looking ahead to the next deadline, weekend, vacation, etc.

shallow focus of clear hourglass

Photo by Jordan Benton on Pexels.com

In some ways our very survival as a species depends on us getting things done in the right time and season. However, most everything we fill our lives with have little to do with survival. It is hard to enjoy life because of the constant pressure of the next event.

What if we learned to live right in the moment we are in? Have a book handy in case you are delayed at an appointment such as a Doctor or Dentist. Use commute time to listen to an audio book, pray, meditate on scripture, or just enjoy the travel. At work or school use those few minutes before break to be productive. Creatively use the moments normally wasted and instead do something meaningful.

We could all learn to enjoy scheduled downtime more fully if we learn to live in the moment. Vacations wouldn’t end so quickly in our minds. Life would be more fully lived.

Rev. Burt Schwab


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Do Americans need a “higher education”?

Do Americans need a “higher education” meaning a college degree?
The simple answer is no. There are plenty of well-paying jobs in trades and manufacturing that do not require a college degree. However, there is a shortage of workers with the ability to use critical thinking skills. Those skills are acquired through learning math, reading, music, and other “useless” school subjects.

It is not necessary to teach a kid how to balance a checkbook, do basic tax return, or even fill out a job application. All that will be easy enough to learn if they can read, follow instructions, and do basic math.

To have a better workforce and sustainable jobs in the future we must invest in the lives of our youth today. Help them understand how the school subjects they find boring have lifelong value.


Rev. Burt Schwab

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Here’s to a new year

2018 has been a difficult year. Maybe the hardest year of my life. In 49 years of life I have lost loved ones, been homeless, lost jobs unfairly, and had trusted friends turn on me.  Divorced my first wife because of repeated infidelity. Been through a few rough patches in life to say the least. But this year has taken bronze, silver, and gold for all time crappy years!

Yet God has blessed me along the way. Such an amazing thing. How wonderful is God’s love for His children!

Here’s to a new year. Remember that God never wastes a hurt.


Rev. Burt Schwab


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Rev. Burt Schwab (Rant)

We as humans are vastly different than any other animal. It is Past time for us to accept that fact. A part of that is we have an eternal soul. Don’t love people into hell!

Rev. Burt Schwab

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Is global warming fact or fiction?

Ice age

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Period of long-term reduction in temperature of Earth’s surface and atmosphere

An artist’s impression of ice age Earth at glacial maximum. Based on: Crowley, T. J. (1995). “Ice age terrestrial carbon changes revisited”. Global Biogeochemical Cycles. 9 (3): 377–389. Bibcode:1995GBioC…9..377C. doi:10.1029/95GB01107.

An ice age is a long period of reduction in the temperature of the Earth‘s surface and atmosphere, resulting in the presence or expansion of continental and polar ice sheets and alpine glaciers. Within a long-term ice age, individual pulses of cold climate are termed “glacial periods” (or, alternatively, “glacials” or “glaciations”, or colloquially “ice ages”), and intermittent warm periods are called “interglacials“.

In the terminology of glaciology, ice age implies the presence of extensive ice sheets in both northern and southern hemispheres.[1] By this definition, we are in an interglacial period—the Holocene—of the current ice age.

The current ice age began 2.6 million years ago at the start of the Pleistocene epoch, and the Greenland, Arctic, and Antarctic ice sheets still exist.[2]


So I started this post with an excerpt from Wikipedia. Why would I do that? Because most people believe Google and Wikipedia rather than the Bible. According to research found on the internet concerning the Ice Age we are in an “interglacial” period. That means we are at the end of or between ice ages. Further research and observation is the fact that many animal skeletons are being discovered as ice sheets melt. This indicates that these areas were once warm enough for land animals to thrive. The warming periods were not created by man-made pollution.

So if science is fact, the earth is millions of years old and has periods of getting cooler and then warmer. All that without any man-made help!

According to creationist scientists, if the Bible is factual the ice age probably started as a result of the global flood known as the Noahic flood. However, the world will not end because of global warming.

By studying the creation account we can assume a responsibility to reduce pollution, and use the earth for the benefit of humankind, that is if you believe the creation account.  Yet the question still remains what can we do as individuals to reduce the amount of waste we generate? More importantly what can Christians do to leave a better world for those yet to be born?

Rev. Burt Schwab

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Luke chapter 1 Part 1

Questions to ponder;

  1. What prayer did the angel reference when he spoke to Zechariah?
  2. Why did Zechariah doubt the angels message?
  3. What was the purpose of striking Zechariah mute?
  4. Infertility is a difficult situation. What would it be like in a culture that considered infertility as a curse?
  5. Elizabeth was 6 months pregnant when Mary visited. When Mary arrived the unborn John leaped in his mothers womb. What insight does that give about the unborn having a spirit?

Rev. Burt Schwab

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Bullying others into conformity.

I cannot stand bullies. Those cowardly sorts that use position, status, or brute strength to force their will on others. It always has and continues to make me fighting mad to see people bullied.
Kevin Hart has stepped down from hosting Oscars because of backlash from anti-gay tweets YEARS ago! This clearly implies it is okay to bully people who have EVER made a statement against gays. Do you really think this will stop here?
Homosexuality is a sexual sin. Even if you are not religious it takes some twisted thinking to believe homosexuality is normal human behavior.
Those two statements will make some of you angry and defensive. Voicing my beliefs doesn’t make me wrong. Bullying others into conformity is wrong! Forcing others to accept an immoral lifestyle is wrong!
Rev. Burt Schwab 
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